Donald Trump a sign of the Times?

I understand the appeal of Donald Trump, I really do.  He is not afraid to speak truth to power and say things that anyone with any sort of wisdom has been wanting to say for years.  He markets himself as a businessman, a fixer of things broken and one who doesn’t care what others think of him.  In a sense, he is a sort of billionaire every-man taking on the political elites of Washington.  It is a very intriguing picture.

There is one big problem, though, if you are considering supporting The Donald as a candidate and you hold Jesus as your Savior.  He is a terrible person.  Just awful under any sort of reasonable Christian standard.  Even putting aside his personal life, which is a mess at best, and focusing on the heart of what draws people to him, he is a ruthless egocentric, if successful, businessman.  He takes delight in telling people off or mercilessly telling them “You’re fired” on TV when they don’t meet his self arrived upon standards.  Judging by the Biblical standards, Mr. Trump appears to be the antithesis of everything that one should look for as a Christian in a leader.  Personally, he is an unrepentant mess.  Professionally, he is an unrepentant mess. (Just in case you were wondering, Mrs. Clinton is perhaps worse depending upon what you are looking at — though her business selling out the State Department appeared to be super profitable.)

So why is he so popular with Americans, both Christian and non?  I believe that it is a sign that we are in the End Times and the conditions required for the Anti-Christ to reign are being put in place. The Donald is likely not the Anti-Christ, but the ground swell of popularity that placed him in the position as the artificial savior of a portion of the population despite his tremendous shortcomings point toward the one who is to come.

According to the Bible, there will come a time when the problems of the world become so great that the people of the world will cry out for a leader to save them and fight all of their battles for them.  Similar to the time of the prophet Samuel, people will reject the rule of God over them and instead choose the man in the world who seems to be able to protect them, make them rich and feed their bellies. 

Things will get so bad in the world that old areas of division between men and nations will be ignored and the wisdom of what they are doing will be secondary to the great desire for security and peace.  The world will rally behind a strong charismatic world leader who promises to fix everything and give them peace, safety and stuff.  The world will refuse to turn to God for protection and provision and cry out to a strong world government leader to save them out of the darkness.  This world leader will be the Anti-Christ and his leadership will be Satanically directed.

With Samuel, the Nation of Israel rejected God speaking to them through Samuel and chose Saul as their King because….. well he looked strong and valiant. He wasn’t actually strong and valiant, we see him descend into madness because he was weak and curropt, but the desire to have someone else do the hard work for them made the Israelites place false hope in Saul. Who needs faithfulness and personal integrity, we have a man who looks really good on the outside but was rotten on the inside.

Throughout history we have seen pictures or types of the Anti-Christ in initially extremely strong very popular leaders of the past, from Adolph Hitler to Mussolini to Joseph Stalin.  While Trump may never reach the level of evil of Hitler or Putin, their rise to power share some attributes.  It occurred in time of disillusionment with the current structure, a time of chaos and financial instability and in a world that seems dangerous and is filled with fear.   Despite huge factual problems with their history often spelled out in their own words or writings that would normally doom a person running for public office, people are besides themselves in support of them and took offense when anyone did not agree.  They all also leveraged resentment and anger to support their rise to power.  Hitler clearly laid out his plans for the world in Mein Kampf and the German people elected and supported him in order to flee from the chaos of Wiemar Germany and get back at the world after World War I.  In the name of security and prosperity and fueled by anger and resentment, narcissistic strong men were given support by otherwise reasonable people.

Donald Trump is not Hitler or Mussolini or the Anti-Christ for that matter.  Let me make that clear.   But given all of the negatives that surround him, from his history of being a lifelong member of the other party to his changing on every major position he has ever taken, his rise seems fueled by the same anger, resentment and fear that supported the anti-christ like figures in the past and will allow the Anti-Christ to be hailed as a messiah of sorts when he finally appears.  People taking leave of their wisdom and discernment in the name of safety in a world gone crazy, even some who call themselves Christian, will rejoice if Trump wins and will similarly rejoice when the Anti-Christ promises them false peace and security.  He may be a mean, nasty, multiple times bankrupt narcissist whose core beliefs change with whoever is asking the questions, but he tickles my ears and will fix things so he has my vote.

Twenty years ago, Donald Trump would have been rejected out of hand as candidate for President of the United States.  Today, he is hailed as a potential savior of all that is America.  The conditions that usher in the rise of the Anti-Christ, the ultimate peace and prosperity strong man, appear to be at hand.



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