Censorship and America — The Islamic Terrorism Edition

I cannot really explain just how flabbergasted I am regarding the FBI’s release of portions of the transcript of the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen’s 911 calls.  Just portions are allowed to be seen by the public they say because “they” have decided that the transcript of the entire call in which the murderous shooter expresses his motivations quite clearly as serving Islam and the Islamic State is not representative of Islam and they will not allow the shooter’s “rhetoric” to be aired to the public.  Folks, do we realize that this is out and out censorship by the government in order to advance a viewpoint held by certain members of the government?

For some unknown reason the government is trying to rewrite the clear facts of one of the worst terrorist attacks in American history to fit their political agenda.  Omar Mateen, the son of an Afghani immigrant and self professed Muslim proclaimed quite clearly that he was striking against vulnerable Americans in the name of Islam, Afghanistan (you know where his Dad is from) and in allegiance to Islam.  This pattern of thought was apparently consistent for Omar throughout his lifetime and was stated in a number of different fashions to a number of different individuals throughout his life.  Thus, we have a person who did a horrendous act meant to inspire terror in the hearts of Americans in the name of the defense of Islam while pledging allegiance to ISIS, the Islamic State. Do I like the fact that people kill in the name of Islam all over the world today and many Islamic teachers and scholars support the killing of innocents in the name of Islam, certainly not, but pretending it is not true does not make it any less factual.  Did his apparent homosexuality play a part, perhaps, but it does not magically un-dedicate his horrible rampage to the Islamic State.

The political agenda, though, says that Islam is a religion of peace and any and all acts done in the name of Islam are not actually Islamic, facts and Islamic scriptures in contradiction be damned.  Therefore, the San Bernadino attacks was not Islam though the attackers their professed that they were doing the attacks in the name of Islam, Ft. Hood was just workplace violence though the attacker again cited Islam and the thousands of people who have died across the world in recent history and the millions upon millions who have died while their killer shouted Allah Akbar were not actually done in the name of Islam because it does not fit the narrative.  The Muslims who carried out the attacks and quoted the Islamic Holy Books and Imams in support of their killing of non-believers were not actually doing so because we say so and double pinky promise.  The children raped by Boko Haram and sold as sex slaves in name of Allah just need to shut up and admit it was not actually Islam involved.  Truth does not matter do much when it gets in the way of a government seeking to pretend.

It is taking this narrative of denial to a whole different level to boldly and unapologetically censor the statements made by Omar Mateen to remove any reference to Islam, ISIS and change his specific references to Allah to the western sounding reference to God.  American raised Omar Mateen thought it important shortly before his death after he murdered numerous people to make a point to reference the arabic Allah, but the government thinks it knows better.   It is simply substituting the hopes and beliefs of those in control of information for the actual statements of Omar Mateen for political gain.  That is censorship and propaganda at its lowest….or highest level depending on your perspective.  Now the pubic is not just barraged with statements that it is not actually Islam that is motivating the Islamic State, but is not allowed to hear the adherent to the doctrine of the Islamic State proclaim his adherence.  It certainly is simpler for the spinmeisters to simply take out the truth that they would later have to deny.

Coupled with the always immediately presented lectures on the dangers of Islamophobia that are pleadingly given after each time a radical Islamist kills a whole bunch of people in the name of Islam, one gets the impression that the government does not think much of the public that it chooses to censor information from or harangue about made up prejudice.  Despite clear evidence that there is a portion of the Islamic world that legitimately hates Americans and wants most westerners killed in the name of Islam, Americans by and large welcome and respect those of the Muslim faith and respect their right to worship and believe as they wish.  Unlike many other countries where society fractures down religious or ethnic lines as a result of similar attacks, America responds with acceptance for those who are willing to live in peace and Christian America responds with love and prayer for those murdered and prayer for those driven to such evil.  There have been no pogroms or acts of religious hate in response to the stabbings, bombings, shootings and beheadings in the name of Islam and yet each event is met with finger wagging about the dangers of questioning whether Islam really is the religion of peace.

The President recently asked the question of what difference would mentioning radical Islam make when discussing the multiple bloody attacks in America and around the world.  For starters it would telling the truth versus telling a lie and there still is value in the truth, unless the government says there isn’t of course, then you are a something-a-phobe for expressing it.  Ugh!

Come Lord Jesus, Come!





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