Thought for the Day: Focus

“The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully consecrated to him. By God’s help, I aim to be that man.”

D.L. Moody.

Dwight Moody had a fifth grade education.  His father died when he was little and left his family to struggle through poverty during his youth.  He started off his working career as a shoe salesman.  Yet, after becoming a Christian, he gave every bit of what he was to Jesus and let Jesus do whatever He wished with him.  Moody was unqualified to do much of anything, but Jesus can do anything.  As a result, Moody tried to live his life fully dedicated to Jesus in all things.  In everything, Moody’s focus was doing God’s will.

The results were spectacular.  It is estimated that Moody preached to tens of millions in the 1800’s when the population of America was only twenty-five million.  Up to one million people came to Christ as a direct result of his preaching.  Moody Bible Institute and Moody Publishing are still with us today.  Jesus did great things through one simple man.

D.L. Moody wasn’t qualified by any standard but he was focused on the One who is all powerful.  He understood that life as a Christian is not about us but the King we serve.  The more we give to Jesus, the more He does with what little we give to Him.

With so many distractions coming at us in the modern world, it is easy to lose focus.

Throw off the things that try to pull us away today and seek to be fully consecrated to the Most High God?  Then watch Him do great things.

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