Are Spiritual Experiences from God?

This is a good post from Dr. Rob on discernment and spiritual experiences.  He seems to capture the need for balance really well.  Yes, there is lots out there that seems questionable and we should always test everything, but God also works in spectacular ways.  I liked this thought particularly:

But God is God. He isn’t bound by our doctrine. He will never contradict what He said in the Bible, but He can do what He wants.

God is God and we are not.  Always good to remember.

Opened Heart Ministry

Ever since Jesus ascended into heaven, people have claimed to receive spiritual gifts, dreams, visions, and special revelation. How do we determine if a spiritual experience is genuinely from God? In the Middle Ages, the number of reported spiritual experiences reached a feverish level. Folks got attention for such reports, and in some cases money and a large following. Were they all false?

Spiritual Maturity_High

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