Thought for the Day: Solo Christianity?

What if one color in a beautiful painting decided that they did not need the others?  We would start with an amazing masterpiece like Monet’s “Water Lilies” with all of the colors of the palette worked together wonderfully through the skill of the artist.  We may even have one of the colors featured more prominently, but what happens if one color sets out to be a solo act?  If red decided it did not need the rest of the shades, what do we get?

Just a flat single color, no contrast, no shadows or texture, just simple old red. Nice but not nearly as special as Monet, right?

No one looks at a single color living room wall and admires it as a work of art.  We also would have very little evidence of the skill of the artist.  It is through seeing the colors worked together brilliantly that we really appreciate the creator.  The colors need each other to work as God intended and to show the greatness of the artist.

It is the same with the Body of Christ.  We may think that we are better off on our own, but the truth is we need each other greatly.  It is only through our lives being weaved together with other believers that God creates His masterpiece.  God uses other Christians around us to bring out the best parts of us.  He also uses all of us together to testify to His skill as an artist.

Only an awesome, all powerful God could take simple jars of clay like each of us and make a beautiful masterpiece.  Do not forsake gathering with


5 thoughts on “Thought for the Day: Solo Christianity?

  1. I like what you say here, but I doubt I’ll ever go to church again. It would be nice if Christians lifted each other up, and there are some who do, but when the leaders and the majority of members act mean, legalistic and judgemental, it is time to leave.

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    • Oh boy, sorry that has been your experience Belle! Dealing with a tough church environment can be really painful. It does help us appreciate and contribute to a good church experience when you find it though. We try to be the church that we wanted when we were hurt by our prior church and looking for a church that just loves like a family.

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