Thought for the Day – Sometimes We Need to be Foolish for Christ

Sometimes we need to give up our dignity for Jesus.  We need to look downright silly in order to reach another person for Christ.

Think about the example of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.  When they meet, Philip is walking along the road and the Ethiopian is in a chariot.  God tells Philip to run to the Ethiopian and ask him a question.  Straightforward and dignified, right?  Philip is probably wearing a suit, a monocle and speaking in an English accent.

Yeah, not so much.  A chariot would have been moving faster than Philip’s walk and he was likely wearing a robe that made running difficult.  So Phillip was likely required to hold up his robe, run to the chariot and then possibly even jog alongside it to get his question out:

30 So Philip ran to him and heard him reading Isaiah the prophet and asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?” 31 And he said, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” And he invited Philip to come up and sit with him. Acts 8

Kind of a silly picture, isn’t it?  Running in that culture was viewed as demeaning as well.  We might wonder if the Ethiopian saw Philip running at him with a Holy Spirit gleam in his eye and thought who the crazy man coming at him was?

Yet, Philip threw off all concerns about his dignity.  He did not worry about what was embarrassing for him because he needed to reach a person who was seeking the Lord.  He needed to appear foolish in order to get to the Ethiopian, literally and figuratively.  There was no other way.

If he chose his pride, the opportunity would pass him by.  As a result of Philip’s choice, one more lost person was saved and heaven rejoiced.

It is a great moment and Philip’s example here is a good one.  But what was Philip really doing though?  Is it something out of the blue?

No, put simply he was just following Jesus.  He was doing what Jesus did first in order to reach us.  Jesus layed down all thoughts of dignifty and pride on His way to the Cross.  He was beaten, stripped, spat up and demeaned by His own creations.  People thought Jesus looked pretty foolish and shameful on the Cross as well.  He is our example along with Philip.

Have we ever sought to reach people for Jesus but chose not to out of fear of appearing foolish or being embarassed?  Today’s the day to put that fear aside and follow the example of our Savior as well.  The stakes are just too high to let anything get in the way.

Do not let the next opportunity pass by!


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