Walking Worthy of His Calling – Sutherlind Springs Pastor Preaches Jesus in such his Storm


“I knew everybody who gave their life that day. Some of them were my best friends. And my daughter,” Pomeroy said during Sunday’s emotional service, referring to the 26 victims, including his 14-year-old daughter, Anabelle.

“I have no doubt they’re dancing with Jesus today.”

The Houston Chronicle noted that the pastor preached a message of forgiveness, as the small town community attempts to pull itself together after the worst mass shooting in the state’s history.

“We have the freedom to proclaim Christ. Folks, we have the freedom to choose, and rather than choose darkness as one young man did that day, I say we choose life,” the pastor said.

Folks, I have no doubt this is true but I don’t know if I could have done what Pomeroy did as I sit here.  Even mentioning it in church yesterday and praying for them was hard.

But the strength and courage needed to get through a trial only comes when we are in our trial, not when we are watching others in theirs.

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