Paul, Apostle of Christ – Free Ticket Contest Giveaway

I recently was blessed with the opportunity to see the new movie, Paul, Apostle of Christ in a pre-screening for local pastors.  I wrote a review (Here) to help others make a decision about seeing the movie.

In short, I loved the movie.  It is my favorite Bible movie since The Passion of the Christ.  My hope in posting the review is that others would be encouraged to see it and would enjoy it as much as I did.

I did not receive anything to write the review and was not requested by the screeners.  I just really enjoyed the movie and it encouraged me in my walk with Jesus.


Since the review was posted, I was asked to take part in a promotional campaign to get the word out about the movie.  I was doing this already, so I agreed.

The fringe benefit from this role I am able to provide a Contest for free tickets to see the movie.

I received 2 Free tickets to give away to see the movie in theaters.  It is a cool opportunity for me to bless someone else and have them see a great depiction of Paul on the big screen.

So if you are interested in seeing this really good movie for free, here is is how to enter:

If you are not a Follower to this blog, just hit the Follow button or enter your email under Follow to the top right of the page.  All new subscribers to the blog after this is published will be automatically entered.

If you are already a Follower, just hit contact me above or shoot me an email at and let me know that you wish to be entered.

My 4-year-old will pick a winner out of a box before the movie is released on March 23, 2018.   It will look something like this:

The winner will receive 2 Tickets through Fandango to see the movie.

Additionally, I personally was given 2 additional tickets to see the movie as part of the promotion for my use.  I would love to bless someone else with these along with the promotinal items as well.  It was a poster and a leather bracelet with the movie slogan.

If you cannot afford the movie but want to go, email me.  I would love to bless you with these tickets.  If there is more than one request for this second set of 2 tickets, I will have the little one pick randomly as well.

The Contest will run until March 19, 2018.  One entry per subscription.

I pray that you will love this enjoy this movie as much as I did.



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