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Hi, I’m Tom Neary, the pastor behind Pastor Unlikely.  I am passionate

Pastor Unlikely
Me and my youngest

about building impactful and powerful disciples.  That means you.  Are you struggling, doubting, or feeling like you cannot grow in Christ?  Do you just want more Jesus?  Great, you have come to the right place!

Pastor Unlikely exists so that you can have a simple, joyful and abundant life in Christ. Do you believe you can have a fulfilling life as an on fire believer in Christ? Do you want one?

The Mission of Pastor Unlikely

These are happy pictures.  My family is truly wonderful now.  The joy and peace in my life amaze me every day.  But it was not always this way.  I was not a believer for much of my adult life.  Sin almost destroyed me.  I was exhausted from striving and struggling with life. I didn’t believe a great life in Christ was possible for a regular guy like me.  I thought that was only for the Biblical heroes and special people of the faith like Billy Graham.

It was only through the miraculous power of Jesus that I was saved. 

Jesus changed everything.   Nothing else could set me free.  Trust me, I tried everything else first.  It was only when I met Jesus that He did wondrous things.  I have been determined to follow Him to the utmost ever since.

Fighting for Your Joy

I didn’t go from totally lost to living a joyful Christian life in a moment.  It took years of research, Bible study, and discipleship.  It takes a willingness to face your fears, failings, and strongholds.  It also took lots of tears and setbacks.  Powerful forces come against us when we seek to live a sold-out life for Christ.  But I promise you it is both possible for you and worth it.  Do you trust God to deliver on His promises?

Pastor Unlikely

God prepared me for sifting through all of the doctrines, arguments, and gimmicks that first kept me from Jesus and try to pull me off of the path to a mature life in Him.  The greatest enemy of the church is not persecution but deception.  It is those who seek to rob you of the awesome life that Jesus promises you.

Pastor Unlikely exists so that you can have a simple, joyful and abundant life in Christ.

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Jesus has taught me so much during that time.  I want to share it with you.

So are you searching?  Are you living a life that is not satisfying and wonder if there is something more?  Do you know that things are not what they should be?

Come, sit, and stay for a while.

I understand what you are going through.  I was there and would love to share what helped me out of those

years.  The whole world can make sense for the first time.

If You are wondering how to find God How to Know God  or what does it mean to be Born Again, What does Born Again Mean? and 11 Exciting Bible Verses about Being Born Again

For more of my story about how I got here, read  5 Powerful Spouse Evangelizing Tools  and Christians and Alcohol

I am a lawyer, a pastor and someone forever grateful to Jesus.  I love studying the Bible and telling people about Jesus.  I am a beggar telling other beggars where to find bread.

I would love to help you know Jesus or know Him better.

Becoming a born again Christian is certainly not a unique experience.  It was certainly a shocking development in my life, though.Today_is_the_Day_of_Salvation

No one saw it coming including me.

Jesus has taught me so much in my time following Him since then.  I hope that I can share some of it with you.

Up until the moment of conversion, the idea of my becoming a Christian much less a pastor was just so …unlikely.  Thus, the name of this blog.

Discipleship Starts with Our Holiness Pastor Unlikely




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  1. Do you have social media I can follow you on (or friend on Facebook?) Seems you have some solid theology here and I’d love to follow you further, but I don’t glance at my WordPress reader much.

  2. Pastor Unlikely, I just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award because I believe more people need to recognize what a blessing your blog is. Please do not feel obligated to participate in the rules, nor rush if you do. I just wanted to use the opportunity the Lord has given me to let you know your blog is appreciated, and to lead others to it through the link on my page. May God continue to bless you and your blog. God loves you!

    1. Hi Gail,
      Thank you! That is very nice of you to do. I appreciate it. It is a busy week for me, but I will participate when I get a chance next week. You have definitely blessed me this Thanksgiving Eve!

  3. It’s great to finally talk to you, Pastor,

    My name is God’s Warrior and I wanted to thank you for following my blog because it’s humbling to know how much of an impact God is allowing me to have on people’s lives. I am going to be reading your blog post about Sin and by the title, I can tell it’s going to be good.

    I just wanted to know something; What was it about my blog that you decided to follow?

  4. Good day sir and blessings to you. Thank you for stopping by hisnamebpraised and liking a recent post. I pray blessings not only to and for you but also to all who would come into fellowship with you through this blog and other circumstances. In Jesus Christ’s Name. Sincerely, Doug

  5. Ha! My Brother? Did expect you liking my comment, for sure. That’s doubtful me. Anyhow? It really amuses me the way Father fools and makes a believer out of me. Silly me, I should say.

    In reading your About, I am fascinated with the accuracy of the way the Spirit of our Father/Creator deals with each one of us individually. The way He teaches us the meaning of Yahushua’s words. The meaning of the whole of the written words from Genesis to Revelation, and?

    The way we react at each stage of His teaching. It’s really a joy to pass from one grade to the next. Only His way of grading us? No failures for sure. It’s all timing. Been called to journal my life to witness of the work He has done in me. My take of His commission?

    I wanted to setup my ministry–I called it, Broken to Serve. I beg to be put on the stand to give my testimony. I wanted to help my people big time. Guess what?

    A word came to my dear spiritual Sister Frances, “Thia, the Lord wants you to minister to Him with your writings.” A few days after I hear her but did not understand her meaning? I attended a meeting with a guest Pastor. At that time after the preaching? many of us stood in line to hear a word from the speaker.

    Sure enough, my turn came. My request? How can I minister to my people? His response? “I believe the Lord wants you to minister to Him and forget about people.” I looked at Frances standing next to that brother. I thought for sure she had told him what to tell me, but Frances said to the brother, “That’s exactly what the Lord gave to me for thia.” Wow!

    I went home and? From that day on? I have not falter one single day in this glorious ministry to Him. Why I refer to Him as my Father? Because that’s His command. “In this matter you shall pray, “Our Fathe…” Then? He said many times, “I and the Father are ONe.” Then He said, “Abide in Me.” Then He said, “The Father is greater than Me.”

    Finally after all these 33 years? He has made clear the meaning of His words. If I am abiding in Yahushua? I am abiding in the Son. So? It should be obvious that I am abiding in Yahushua. The immensity of the love in my heart for the Father? That’s Yahushua’s love for Him.

    What is the love of Yahuahua? What does it mean to love Yahushua? It means to obey Him. To do what He tells us to do even if we do not agree or feel like doing it. Feelings and emotionalism is not impressive to Him, but! He tolerates it because He knows the plan He has for us despite our emotional worship.It takes a life time for Him to sober us up.

    For me? It took 79 minus the last 9 years for Him to sober me up. He brought me to the wilderness of this people to judge me face to face. Talking about sobering me up? Yeap! And it’s not over yet! Hahaha! His discipline hurts but O the joy the results are.

    Anyhow? In retrospect? I see my journey in your journey, and? Rather than forming an opinion about you? It makes my heart rejoice! It amuses me to see the Father at work in each one of us. You are so especial to Him, and? So am I for sure. Hahaha! HalleluYah!

    BTW Why I use the Hebrew name Yahushua instead of the English name. When one come to these parts? One learns the importance of the native name. Our Saviour was a Hebrew, thus, His name is Hebrew. Much to learn about all of that. Rather? Much He is now revealing to us all.

    much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

  6. Dear Pastor,

    I read your article about how your wife helped lead you to God (part 1) i was wondering if you have finished part 2 yet? I am eager to read this as your story has truly inspired and ENCOURAGED me greatly. Please do write me back. I would love to hear more on this if you wouldn’t mind.

    Thank you so much


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