Warning – this post contains intense content.

The video just takes your breath away.  Three camo clad men communicating behind the bulk of a tank about to do something, well, crazy.  They appear to countdown 3-2-1 and then one sprints out from behing the tank unarmed while the other two provide covering fire.  A short time passes and then the man comes back carrying a bundle.  It takes you a second to realize what the bundle is – a little girl.

He ran out under gunfire to pick up a suffering little girl.  One who should be playing with her siblings and eating lollipops.  Instead, she had been stuck for two days hiding under the dress of her dead mother.  They were among about 70 people caught out in the open by ISIS fighters who mowed them down.  She laid there among the dead for hours after hours.  It takes a minute to realize that there are many bodies scattered all around the backdrop of the video. It is a scene that is all too common in the region.  It makes us want to check out and turn away – what can we do?

Well, the three men in the video do what they can.  They offer to trade their lives for that of an unknown little girl.  The good are acting in the midst of such evil.  Here is the dramatic video.

The name of the former US Special Forces soldier who did the running in the video is Dave Eubank.  Most of the stories associated with this video simply call Dave an aid worker.  But his motivation is very clear when interviewed.  Look what he says in an interview he conducted with Fox News:

His biography is also very clear from his ministries website.http://www.freeburmarangers.org

David Eubank, a former U.S. Army Special Forces and Ranger officer, is the founder and leader of the Free Burma Rangers (FBR), a humanitarian service movement for oppressed ethnic minorities of all races and religions in the Burma, Kurdistan and Sudan war zones. Along with relief, his personal mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ and to help people be free from oppression. FBR teams are comprised of men and women of different ethnicities and faiths that are united for freedom by the bond of love and service. David, his wife Karen and their three children: Sahale, 15; Suuzanne, 13; and Peter, 10; work alongside the 70 ethnic FBR relief teams in the conflict areas of Burma giving help, hope and love and recently began relief missions to help the Kurds under attack by ISIS in Iraq. FBR also conducts relief missions in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. The Eubank family started the Global Day of Prayer for Burma and the Good Life Club family outreach program.

Led by Jesus, Dave took his wife and children across the globe in the name of Jesus to help those in need.  He does what Jesus calls him to do when Jesus calls him.  He offers he and his family up in order to save lives of others.  Do I have that sort of faith in the truth of the Gospel?  Greater love indeed…

Dave mentions at the end of the video that the little girl is being helped by a good friend of his, Victor Marx.  Victor Marx is another former military tough guy like Dave Eubank who had his life dramatically changed by Jesus.  He and his wife recently moved from the US to Iraq, not the most common transition.  They did so in order to extend the love of Jesus to displaced and traumatized people in the many refugee camps in the region.  They particularly reach out to children who have been scarred by the wars of the region.  Victor and his wife are relying upon what Jesus promised them in order to do what Jesus called them to do.  He promised eternal life and perfect love, not earthly security.  The little girl in the video is being helped by Victor and his wife.  Here is Victor’s blog post:  https://victormarx.com/little-girl-no-name/

I am writing this post from Iraq.

This is the little girl with no name. She was sitting among dead bodies near a wall on an outside area in North West Mosul where ISIS was gunning down all trying to escape. This little 4 year old girl is the only survivor of her family. She was hiding under her mother’s dress for two days coming out only to search for any bottle of water among the dead until my friend, Dave Eubank, rescued her while under direct gunfire.

She hasn’t talked at all. She currently only does a self-soothing hum and is in shock as you see her eyes are glazed over.

The only way I was able to connect with her for just a moment was when I leaned down and was gently patting her hand. When my head touched hers and I started a low tone throat hum, like she was doing, then she leaned into me for a moment, and I prayed over her.

You see, I remember doing a self-soothing hum as a child as well when I was found in the commercial cooler I was left in for dead at 5 years old by my abuser.

Let us all pray for this beautiful ‘humming bird’ princess.

Victor, Family and Team ATP

In an area where there is so much evil being done, God’s light is shining through in the actions of brave Jesus loving men like Dave Eubank and Victor Marx.  They are simply answering God’s call by trusting in His promises.  Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.  In doing so, they are testifying to Jesus across the world.

If you are so led pray for them, fast for them, and check out what they are doing on the respective sites and tell others.

I have no relationship with either ministry other than following and donating to ATP Ministries.



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