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Should I Talk with Jehovah’s Witnesses? | Pastor Unlikely

What do we think Jesus would do if He was at home in Nazareth and He saw Jehovah’s Witnesses coming up His driveway? Would Jesus quickly pull the drapes and ignore the bell? I don’t think so. How do we think Jesus views these poor souls trapped in a false religion? They are like sheep who have lost their way. They are in need of the real Shepherd, Jesus to bring them into the real fold.

Should we put in the effort and offer to show them the real Way, Truth, and Life?

A Simple Response to the Lie of the Prosperity Gospel – The life of Jesus

We sometimes get too complex when we attempt to explain why a certain popular doctrine in the church today is not biblical.  We pour over the verses that apply and look for each particular instance where Jesus or one of the disciples spoke about the issue.  We lay them out in list form to attempt…

Beware of the Grace-Robbers! It is not about works!

I don’t know if you have seen the messages of the self-proclaimed prophet, John Mulinde.  His preaching and testimony have been all over the internet and he travels world spreading the word about what he calls his prophetic message.  Giving him his due, he is an engaging and powerful speaker.  His delivery is smooth, comforting…