There has been lots of debate swirling around about the Confederate flag following the events of the last week.  On one side we have those who argue that the flag is always a symbol of racism and it therefore should be outlawed.  On the other side, we have those who take the position that its is simply a historical statement in support of state’s rights and Southern history and in America we are free to fly any flag we wish.  Anger and vitriol has been flying in person and over the internet over the issue so the potential question for you as a Christian is what should our position be?  Should we support those who are truly and understandably offended or those who argue that they are in support of freedom on expression?

My simple response is neither, that is simply not our job in this world.  While it is certainly understandable to sympathize with one argument or the other, what does taking a stand on such an issue do for the advancement of the Kingdom of God?  The church is made up of people on all sides of most hot political issues of the day.  If we take sides on these issues, it allows an issue of the world to divide me from my brother.  We also lose the opportunity to preach the really important issue, Christ, to non-believers on the other side of the issue.  Other than those that explicitly go against Scripture, we simply have no business getting involved.  Preach the Gospel always, not Southern History or removal of a flag.

That said, brothers and sisters in Christ, if you are flying a Confederate flag or have one on your car or home, realize that you are greatly offending a whole lot of Christians and destroying your witness to a large segment of non-believers.  Whether you have the right to or whether the flag it means what people take it to mean is not material to the discussion.  If I know something I am doing as a Christian is offending fellow believers and it is not core to the Bible, generally I should stop.  More importantly, if I know something I am doing will make non-believers think badly about me as a representative of Christ and His church, I should most certainly stop.  My rights should have been laid down at the Cross before Jesus who laid down everything for us.

I am all for being offensive if the issue is Christ and His message and political correctness is a force that is often used for evil, but this one is clear and easy and has no relation to our true mission in this world.




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