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This site may contain affiliate links.  This means that we may receive a small commission at no additional cost for any sales made.

This is true for this site but is not the whole story.

The Reason Behind any Recommendations

My wife and I are researchers.  We love to tackle the questions that come up in the Christian life and track down the best resources to help us do so.  The thing is, we both actually enjoy the searching process for new curriculum for Kid’s Ministry or the best Bible study guide and God has gifted us so we are good at it.

We also put our professional training to work.  I am lawyer in my tent making job and spent years as a litigator analyzing written and oral presentations.  My lovely wife, Jen, has a masters in Linguistics – how people learn – and taught English as a Scond Language before taking on the job of homeschooling 4 kids.   We use the skills gained in these disciplines to help us, our kids and our church grow in Jesus.

We understand that Jesus gives each of us differently and many don’t enjoy researching or don’t know where to start.  So our goal is to simply share the fruit of our work with you and help your walk.

We have spent countless hours finding the the best Men’s and Women’s Ministry books, Kid’s Ministry resources and technology that will help us live a better Christian life.  We love discovering tools that will help us protect our kids better and teach the Bible more effectively.  We want to pass on what we have learned over more than a decade of homeschooling and from running a church.  We love sharing good Christian movies and books.  The aim is to bless you and not sell anything.

Our goal in life is to live an abundant life in Jesus and we work hard to find resources to help us do so.  Now we are passing them along.

We will never support anything that goes against the Bible.  We are not sayin gthere are not other great resources.  Those listed are just ones we use ourselves and that have blessed us in our walk.  We want to share with you what has grown us.  If it can support a church in the process, praise Jesus.

Support Our Ministry

I am the pastor of a brick and mortar church here in Maryland.  I am very blessed to share the Gospel with many in this role and teach the Bible week in and week out.  We seek to teach the simplicity of Jesus’ Word to people and bring them to Him.  You probably have seen some of the sermons on this site.

Any income that may come from any links on the site will go directly to that ministry to support bringing more people into the Kingdom of God.   This site is an extension of that work.

So if you like what we do here or what you have seen in the Sermons, please consider shopping through one of the links.  Please also share with friends as it can provide a boost for our mission here at no cost to you.

It is an easy way to bless a church.

If you are blessed by this blog, sermons or this ministry and wish to donate to support the church, paypal is available to do so.

God Bless