An hour later, in what appears to be a coordinated action with the ACLU, Senator Bernie Sanders grilled Vought on the quote during his nomination hearing.  “In my view, the statement made by Mr. Vought is indefensible, it is hateful, it is Islamophobic, and it is an insult to over a billion Muslims throughout the world,” said Sanders. “This country, since its inception, has struggled, sometimes with great pain, to overcome discrimination of all forms … we must not go backwards.” During his questioning of the candidate the socialist from Vermont read the quote and asked Vought, “Do you believe that statement is Islamophobic?”

I don’t like to get political but this is a good article that highlights a trend that is developing in the world.  The two US Senators attack a Christian for holding to the simple beliefs of Christianity.  You cannot serve in an official capacity if you hold to the same Christian views that millions have held over the past 2000 years according to them.

Their prejudice is overt and astounding.  Because the man is Christian, they argue he is unable to restrain his hatefulness and serve in a competent manner.  Talk about a malicious viewpoint towards someone different than you are.

Did you catch what they are also subtly doing in the process?

They attempt to impose their view of God, essentially a version of universalism, on another person and use the power of their office to do so.  You must agree that all paths lead to God or we will shame you and oppose you for office.  You must agree that a completely different religion is correct or we will attack you and call you names.

They seek to try to intimidate the nominee with the popular buzzwords of the day – hateful, Islamophobia, descrimination – without any actual appropriate use of the words involved.

I wonder if the Senators ever deal with the fact that Islam holds that Christians do not worship the same God.  The belief that Jesus is God and Mohammed is not a prophet is blasphemy according to Islam.

Are Mr.’s Sanders and Van Hollen accusing Muslims or Hindu’s of holding values incompatable with our country because they disagree with Christianity?  Are they accusing themselves of being hateful and anti-Christian for not respecting the religion of Christ?  Are atheists hateful because they deny a Muslim god?

The illogic would be almost amusing if it weren’t coming from two of the most powerful men in the world and becoming so accepted.

Heads up folks, if they are saying this they are doing so with a plan.  They call it pandering to their base.  They wouldn’t say it if they did not think it would get them lots of votes.  Hating on Christians who don’t bow down to the world is a popular pastime in many circles.  More of this is coming and it is going to get louder.

But take heart, Jesus is not surprised or challenged.  He has already overcome this world and the measly power of US Senators mean very little in comparison to the Risen Lord.




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  1. That was interesting. I find it sad and dangerous how much religion in now enmeshed in politics. Vought has the right to believe and say that only Christians will be saved. He can still do any job well while believing that. It is not prejudiced or racist to believe that.

    I believe differently about that verse in the Bible. It is true anyone who goes to heaven only gets there through the name and death of Jesus. I just believe there are many who have never heard of Jesus who will be saved because the Holy Spirit enlightens them through their conscience which will either excuse them or condemn them, as Paul said in Romans.

    But that is my belief. I don’t condemn Vought for his interpretation and belief. Sanders doesn’t understand that just because we think a person is lost doesn’t mean we don’t like them! What a mess politics is in our day.

    1. Hi Belle – I agree with you about the mess that politics have become. It is just scary the illogical argument they make to try to demonize the guy.

  2. It’s too bad that Mr. Vought didn’t take the opportunity to point out that it was Jesus who named Himself as the only way to God, and so as a Christian, he (Mr. Vought) simply believes what Jesus said. He could also have clarified that what he believes about the afterlife (saved or condemned) has no bearing on his ability to treat all people equally and respectfully in this life and on the job. Bernie Sanders and others present might have learned to distinguish between Christian beliefs about eternity and the slanderously inaccurate accusations of Islamaphobia and intolerance that they currently trumpet.

    1. Hi Don – I agree that he could have done all those things and wonder what the result would have been. I ask though whether his refusal to take the bait worked as intended and let Bernie and Van Hollen fully expose their own agenda.

      Definitely thought provoking regardless! Tom

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