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The family here at Casa De Unlikely really enjoys taking breaks from life and sitting down together and watching good TV or movies.  With kids ranging from teens down to toddlers it does get hard at times to find something that is appropriate, enjoyable for all ages and that presents positive messages.  This is why the whole family has enjoyed the TV series When Calls the Heart.  It is just really fun wholesome family tv that parents and kids enjoy.

When Calls the Heart follows Elizabeth Thatcher as she departs from her wealthy family in the big city and ventures to a small mining town “out west” to begin life as a school teacher.  She arrives after the town experiences a great tragedy and the show initially revolves around her becoming part of the town as it deals with their loss.  Jack Thorthton is the Canadian Mountie, bright red coat and all, who comes to town to be the in the area and acts as Elizabeth’s love interest.

So why do we like it?  The characters are just good and kind.  Jack is a Mountie as traditionally portrayed, strong and brave but also respectful and giving to others.  He is a great example for young men and boys and my young men really like his character.  Elizabeth is also a strong character, brave and determined but also generous and kind hearted.   She is also a good example for my young ladies.

The people of the town, with the exception of the “bad guy” characters are also portrayed as generally decent with a strong community.  In a world were darkness, evil and anti-heroes have become celebrated and violence and sex are all over media, this simple well put together show is a wonderful contrast.

So if you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift or just for something to watch as a family, I would recommend that you check it out.





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