Welcome to the blog!  Hope you stay a while and join me in exploring the things of God and the wonders of Jesus Christ.

I am setting out on this journey in blogging for a simple reason.  I love what Jesus has done for me in this world and want to share it with others.

Despite being successful, well-educated, being married to an awesome wife, and having wonderful healthy children, before I became a follower of Jesus I was lost and empty.  No matter how good I tried to be and how much stuff or activities I tried to fill my time with, I still ended every day exhausted and dissatisfied.  I did not understand why.

That was until I met Jesus.  That same Jesus who I had argued was a trick, an opiate for the masses to keep them in line.  I had learned that in college so it had to be true, right?  That same Jesus who I spent over most of my life scoffing at and thinking His followers were idiots.  Yes, Him, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords.  He changed everything in a moment.

Coming face to face with His power, His love and His conviction changed my world forever and in the Book of Acts we are told to be His witnesses.  So here goes.

As for the blog title, after telling my very jaded, alcoholic, very anti-religion father that I had given my life of Christ and had become a pastor, his response sums it up well, “A what?????  Well, I never would have thought we would have one of THOSE in our family”.


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