Michael Ketterer’s Great New Worship Song: Spirit Lead Me – New Christian Music

America’s Got Talent Worship Leader’s New Song

We love this new song by Michael Ketterer.  He is the Christian worship leader who brought Simon Cowell and the audience to tears with his audition on America’s Got Talent.  We have been watching this one continuously since it came out.  It is so simple yet so powerful!

Don’t just watch the song.  He and his wife shared their testimony on I am Second, the great video testimony ministry.  Check that out here – Michael Ketterer I am Second.

The relationship with the Holy Spirit that Michael is singing about is only possible when we have been born again.  A man before Jesus simply cannot hear and do the things of God.  The “old man” as the Bible calls a person before being born again is incapable of seeing the Kingdom of God.  We must be born again to be led by the Holy Spirit.  For more on this read What Does it Mean to be Born Again? and 11 Life Changing Bible Verses about being Born Again.



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