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I had never heard of this movie before watching it the other night, but it was an excellent historical movie set during the Holocaust.

Irena Sendler was a Polish woman who set up a network to smuggle Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto under the noses of the Nazis. If you are not familiar with the history, the Nazi’s built a sort of walled off prison of apartments and houses in Warsaw during World War 2.  where they kept hundreds of thousands of Jews as prisoners before eventually murdering most of them in concentration camps. It was an almost incomprehensible evil.

In the midst of this, Irena Sendler helped smuggle out 2500 children and place them with sympathetic Polish families. Both those working to get the kids out and those sheltering the children were subject to execution by the Germans if discovered. 800 families, yes whole families, died as a result of being discovered in Poland alone.

Due to the subject matter it is an intense movie even though it is PG so discretion is advised for parents, know how your kids take such things, but it was very well done.  It was a moving depiction of a small number of people doing what they could to save others during a time of great evil.

Very informative for the kids too – though they stepped out at parts.  Great history lessons sometimes deal with the ugliest parts of the nature of man.  While we never try to expose our kids to gratuitous violence or content, there is truth to the adage that those that are ignorant of history are bound to repeat it.

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