Is Jesus Lord of your Life?

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A simple question, right?  “Sure He is, I believe in Him and believe that He has saved me!”, you might say.

That alone is great.  Belief on Jesus will get you into eternity in Heaven in perfect joy with Jesus.  As Paul said to the Phillipian jailer’s question of what must I do to be saved –

31 And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household. – Acts 16

But that is not the question here – the question at bar is whether Jesus is Lord of your life and it is a vitally important one to answer.

Are you following the directions that Jesus left for us as His followers like a servant listening to his/her master?

As New Testament believers in Christ growing up in a world that throws a lot of voices at us, whose orders are we following?

Do we seek to do our Master’s will?

Do we preach the Gospel?

Do we make disciples?

Do we love our neighbors?

Do we deny Jesus in front of others?

Do we fear what people would think of us if they knew our belief in God?

Would our lives look any different if Jesus was here bodily standing next to us?

If our answer to any of the above is NO, why not?  Should we have a conversation with our master about that.

Just some questions to ponder today as we walk with the Lord.

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