About Tom

Hi, I’m Tom.  I am a disciple of Jesus, the husband to the love of my life, and the dad of four wonderful kids.  I am a lawyer, a pastor and someone forever grateful to Jesus.  I love studying the Bible and telling people about Jesus and all that He has done for me.  He took me from scoffing alcoholic atheist to teaching His Word and preaching the Gospel wherever I can.

The King of Kings, Jesus Christ flipped a switch one day in my life and changed everything.  This site is meant as a testimony to Him.

I love Christian movies, writing about Jesus and the Bible and encouraging others in the faith.  I would love to help you get to know Jesus better.

Becoming a Christian, born again and filled with the Holy Spirit is certainly not a unique experience as there have been millions of wonderful believers over the centuries.  It was certainly a shocking development in my life, though.  No one saw it coming including me.  Jesus has taught me so much in my time following Him since then.  I hope that I can share some of it with you.

Up until the moment of conversion, the idea of my becoming a Christian much less a pastor was just so …unlikely.  Thus, the name of this blog.




12 thoughts on “About Tom

  1. Congratulations on becoming a member of the many believers. I appreciate your visit to my blog and hope you will stop in again as you like!



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  3. Pastor Unlikely, I just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award because I believe more people need to recognize what a blessing your blog is. Please do not feel obligated to participate in the rules, nor rush if you do. I just wanted to use the opportunity the Lord has given me to let you know your blog is appreciated, and to lead others to it through the link on my page. May God continue to bless you and your blog. God loves you!

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  4. It’s great to finally talk to you, Pastor,

    My name is God’s Warrior and I wanted to thank you for following my blog because it’s humbling to know how much of an impact God is allowing me to have on people’s lives. I am going to be reading your blog post about Sin and by the title, I can tell it’s going to be good.

    I just wanted to know something; What was it about my blog that you decided to follow?

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