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What are People Loving?

Looking for more encouragement?  Here are Tom’s most popular posts.

The Chosen is Amazing! A Pastor’s Review

My review of the great series.

What if I am Having Doubts? A Pastor’s Answer

What to do if you are doubting. You are not a disappointment to God when you doubt. Jesus does not cast you aside. He loves you. There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. There is no rejection for those who come to Him to get their questions answered.

He came to save not judge. That is His job.

21 Wonderful Bible Verses on God’s Love – A Warm Hug from God

God is perfect love expressed towards the ones that He calls His children. Do we comprehend even a little bit of what this means for us? Are we living in His grace filled love? Here are 21 Wonderful Bible Verses to Remind Us today if we are struggling with His love. They are like a warm hug from the Almighty!

Why Did Jesus Come as a Baby?

The answer is really simple.  Jesus was born in humble surroundings to encourage even the least of us to come to Him for grace and mercy.  It is God’s kindness that leads to repentance.  Even the place of Mary’s delivery expresses this amazing heart and call to us.  Our loving Savior chose the perfect place from which to seek even the lowest of His sheep.

5 Powerful Spouse Evangelizing Tools – From an Unbelieving Husband Led to Christ

Struggling with an unsaved spouse?  Here are the weapons to use to bring them to the foot of the Cross.

God Doesn’t Call the Qualified, He Qualifies the Called

God doesn’t call the qualified for His work. They are a dime a dozen. God calls the man who is devoted to God and equips him for the tasks ahead. Looking first for anything other than Godliness in a servant is setting up the church for disaster.

Why am I NOT Growing in Christ? A Hard Hitting Answer

Most of those being turned aside from a full life in Jesus have good intentions.  They are trying hard.  They believe in Jesus and want to grow in Him.  They know in their hearts that something is wrong.  They just cannot figure out what it is.

We cannot live a holy life focused on us.

Why was David Chosen to Be King? Faith in the Lord is Everything!

David was chosen by God to be the King of Israel.  He is the chosen King of Israel, the man after God’s own heart.  Yet, his own family had a very different view of him.  David was the overlooked son of the family.  He is the runt of the litter who does not get much respect from his own family.  Yet, God chose him to be His man.  Why did God choose him?  When push came to shove, David would always do what God said to do.  Obedience to God is what moves mountains.

God works miracles with the simplest of people who are willing to listen to Him.

11 Life Changing Bible Verses about being Born Again

Jesus says that we MUST be born again in order to see the Kingdom of God.  This logically means if we are not born again we can not see the Kingdom.  Do we want to see it?  Of course we do.  Even the most hardened secularist would admit they want to see God and His glory.  So what does Jesus mean when He talks about being born again.  Here are 11 Bible verses that deal answer the question and will change your life if you let Him.  For a further reading about what this means read What does it Mean to be a Born Again Christian.

23 Forceful Bible Verses on Gossip and Slander

When Jesus prays for His church in His High Priestly prayer in John 17, He spends a good portion of His time on unity.  That we would be one with one another just as His Father and He are One.  Gossip and Slander seek to destroy this oneness.  It is very hard to have communion with someone who was just murdering our reputation in private.  This is why God takes this issue so seriously and why we should seek to flee gossip.

How to Stop Gossip – We Think.

Gossip is a grievous sin according to God’s Word. We might think otherwise, mainly because we are used to it. Yet, the Bible speaks clearly, repeatedly and forcefully that gossips are not to be tolerated. Why is this so? Gossip violently tears the Body of Christ apart.

Self Centered Christianity – The Problem is You

We have a big “me” problem if we are like every other person who set out to follow Jesus,

It is not God, it’s us…each one of us individually chose to not follow God.

This may be hard to hear but moving from denial from acceptance is the first step in facing any challenge. There comes a time to admit we have a big problem. Now is that time. There is a whole world without Jesus headed to eternal destruction. They need people like us to point them to Jesus. That only happens when we can see Jesus yourself. We are called to shine like the stars among a wicked and crooked generation. This only happens when there is a sharp contrast between us and the world.

Are we willing?

God Chose You For a Purpose!

Don’t Wear Another Man’s Armor

No one can do the job that God chose us to do.  God picked each of us to be used by Him exactly according to His perfect plan.  Knowing our individual personalities, our talents and His plan for us, He handpicked us to walk a very clear path.  It is the one He laid out only for us.  Despite our own fears and doubts, we each have a great role set before us and wonderful things to accomplish for the Kingdom.  God formed us and give His power perfectly to grasp these amazing achievements.

What does it Mean to be a Living Sacrifice?

We rarely take it as the Bible intends it – as an all-encompassing life statement. The challenge Paul lays out is so much more than just setting up chairs. It is giving time or effort to God, certainly. It is also giving up everything we are and hope to be in order to be more like our Master, Jesus. It is our lives that are sacrificed like lambs on the altar of the ancient Temple of God.

Sin is Pleasurable for a Season

No matter how good it tastes in the near term, sinful behavior is always filled with poison. It is a trap meant to kill us. There is always Borax mixed in with the sugar. Sin is never placed in our path for our good. It is there to destroy us by the one who wants us dead. He wants to steal from us, kill us and destroy us and destroy us.

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