Peace in Relationships Pastor Unlikely

Fixing Relationships Requires Faith | Pastor Unlikely

braham acts decisively to make peace. He doesn’t avoid the issues or hope they go away. He takes on the ripples in the pool before they become waves to protect God’s people. This is a wonderful example in itself. But it is how Abraham resolves the tension that is so great for us to take note of. Simply put, Abraham lets go of the conflict, humbles himself and trusts God completely to fix the problem.

Thought for the Day: Focus | Pastor Unlikely

After becoming a Christian, Moody determined to give every bit of what he was to Jesus. That doesn’t seem like much on the surface. When you judge by external merits, you miss the things that God is actually looking for in a man. There are not many wise who come to Jesus, after all. What is Jesus really looking for in His sheep?

God Speaks Pastor Unlikely

God Always Speaks – Do We Always Listen? | Pastor Unlikely

God is always speaking to us. He does so through things as big as creation and as small as the structure of DNA. He uses a voice of thunder or a still small voice depending on what is needed for the circumstances. God runs an open line of constant communication with us. The problem is sometimes we don’t listen. We allow our side of the line becomes so filled with noise and static we can’t hear His voice.