What the Church Can Learn from Jordan Peterson Pastor Unlikely

5 Important Lessons for the Church from Jordan Peterson

The Church Can Learn from Jordan Peterson. We can learn a lot from Jordan Peterson.  Yes, he is not a Christian.  And no, he does not have the answers to the questions that are plaguing man.  Since he is not a Christian, he misses some huge fundamental points that ultimately doom his philosophy.  But this…

We Cannot Serve Two Masters

  Whose Approval are We Seeking? When evil can’t destroy righteousness, it seeks the next best thing:  to tame it.  While a faithful servant of God is dangerous to wicked men, the empty religious carry no such threat.  Powerless religion is like a circus animal.  It is kept in a cage most of the time…

romans 831 Should We Talk with Jehovahs Witness Pastor Unlikely

Should I Talk with Jehovah’s Witnesses?

What do we think Jesus would do if He was at home in Nazareth and He saw Jehovah’s Witnesses coming up His driveway? Would Jesus quickly pull the drapes and ignore the bell? I don’t think so. How do we think Jesus views these poor souls trapped in a false religion? They are like sheep who have lost their way. They are in need of the real Shepherd, Jesus to bring them into the real fold.

Should we put in the effort and offer to show them the real Way, Truth, and Life?

Thought for the Day: Focus

After becoming a Christian, Moody determined to give every bit of what he was to Jesus. That doesn’t seem like much on the surface. When you judge by external merits, you miss the things that God is actually looking for in a man. There are not many wise who come to Jesus, after all. What is Jesus really looking for in His sheep?

Foolish For Christ Pastor Unlikely

Foolish for Christ?

Will You Give Up Your Dignity for Jesus? We may need to look downright silly in order to reach another person for Christ. There is a desire in all of us to be in control.  We don’t like being vulnerable or exposed.  We don’t like being made to look foolish or weak.  It is an…

Evangelism Jesus orders us to share our faith Pastor Unlikely Top Christian blog

Can I Get a Witness?

Jesus tells us to “Go, make disciples, baptize and teach”. Pretty clear, right? We know what go means and we understand what make disciples mean. It is obvious what teach means and the Scripture makes clear this was Jesus speaking. But do we also know that this is not a suggestion from Jesus? That the One who has authority over us issued these words as a direct command?

What if I am Scared to Share my Faith?

What if we are scared to share our faith?  We have been saved, we love Jesus and our lives are changing.  We know God is working.  Yet, there is a barrier of fear we can’t seem to get past in order to get that faith out to others.  We have a desire to shout our…