Are You Arguing with God?

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The question seems kind of silly when we first read it.  Why would anyone who is a Christian argue with God?  God is God and we are not, so of course I am not arguing that would be just silly, said confidently and blessedly lacking in self awareness person.

Some of the greatest men and women of the Bible were probably just as sure of their submission to God and just as unaware…as they were pleading their case to God that they were right and God was wrong. That is arguing btw.  Or they were grudgingly doing what God said, but in their hearts they knew their plan was better.  Again arguing with a bit of grumbling thrown in.

I find it most often happens when we place our judgment, what I, ME, MYSELF think of the situation in front of God’s in our life.  It becomes particularly problematic when we are not willing to let our judgment go when God shows us His plan.

We wind up disputing the truth of something with the one who formed not only us but every atom and molecule of the entire universe….and because of who we are and the force of our own will in our lives, we justify it and think it is ok.

Think about Moses and the burning bush.  Moses is a great leader of the Israelites and God chooses him to set His people free.  He shows great faith as God uses him and awesome miracles are done through him.  Yet, when God calls Him back from being a shepherd to be the God appointed leader of the Israelites, what does Moses do?  He argues – God I can’t do this, God I can’t speak well, God though you are God appearing miraculously through a fiery bush, I know the deal a little better than you.  You are wrong to choose me.

Do you think Moses made a conscious decision as he was standing before God to tell God that He is wrong?  Probably not, he just is so caught up in his doubts and fears he likely doesn’t realize what he is doing.

How about Peter after Jesus explains His crucifixion for the first time or when God lowers the sheet from heaven to show Peter that he can eat any food he wants, do we remember what Peter says?  “Not so Lord” and “Far be it from you, Lord” with the additional emphasis added in the passage saying that Peter was rebuking Jesus.  Not so Lord!  Those words together make no sense.

Do you think Peter set out to rebuke God and oppose God’s plan of redemption?  Again, almost certainly not!  Peter’s plans and comfort level just came into conflict with God’s plans and Peter refused to yield.

Importantly, Peter’s plans that caused him to argue with God were even religious plans.  Peter had plans for what Jesus would do and he did not like them disturbed by that pesky old thing called God’s will, what God wanted to do.

Peter also apparently was very attached with the religiousity of keeping kosher, a practice meant to honor God, so when God told him to stop, he argued with God about it.  God I really like the comfort of honoring you so much that I will argue with you about it?

Have you notice that our biggest strongholds in this life, our biggest exercise of our will over God’s in this world are often justified by good intentions?

So what about you?  Are you in the middle of a battle with God that you did not even realize you were fighting?  Are you just about to win your point and prove to God that what you think about the situation is more important than what He thinks?

Like Moses, is God telling you to do something and you are finding every reason in your judgment that this direction from God just won’t work?

Like Peter, are you so attached to a vision for your life and the life of those around you that you cannot see God showing you a better path to take?

Jesus says that He came to fulfill the Law and set those in captivity free.  Are we earnestly contending with Jesus over our freedom and arguing that it just can’t be that easy.

Jesus said “It is finished”.

Is our reply “Amen and Hallelujah” or “Not so Lord!”

Our answer to these questions will dictate what our walk with Jesus looks like.   God’s judgment is always better than ours, no matter how attached we are to ours.


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