Do You Really Want the Truth?

Seeking Truth in a Time of Deception

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”

George Orwell

What is Truth?

This infamous question of Pontius Pilate was spoken as he stood in judgment over Jesus. It can seem like a profound philosophical musing.  Pilate can seem like he is earnestly searching and struggling with figuring out what to do. You can find yourself sympathizing with the Roman governor for being stuck in a bad position, if you forget the context.

Pilate had the Truth, Jesus, standing right in front of him.  He just did not want to follow Jesus.

Jesus had been performing miracles, healing the sick, raising the dead, and opening the eyes of the blind in Pilate’s territory for 3 years.  Pilate’s own soldiers were touched by the work of Jesus.  A huge multitude had proclaimed Jesus the Messiah on Palm Sunday just a few short days prior.  The evidence for Jesus was overwhelming. He was amazing. He was special.  He was innocent.  Pilate knew these were all true.

The Truth was literally staring Pilate in the face.  He did not want them to be true so he pretended otherwise.  He chose to listen to the threatening crowd outside demanding injustice rather than follow truth.

Pilate was not searching for truth.  He did not care about truth.  Pilate wanted to do what was best for himself regardless of truth.  It was easier to feign confusion.  It was his way to excuse his refusal to submit and follow Jesus.

Pilate was left lost, in darkness, and condemned as a result.

Truth is just as important in your Christian life. Jesus calls Himself the Truth so you know it is a big deal. He says to always keep your eyes on Him and follow Him.  He is truth, this makes your knowing and following truth extremely important.

You will have angry crowds in your life demanding you take the easy way out of situations.  Temptation will pull at you to compromise and go along with the mob.  You will feel torn in your flesh like Pilate to deny truth for pragmatic reasons.

Yet, there is only one Truth – now and forever – Jesus.  Denying truth never leads to Jesus.  He doesn’t change and never compromises.

Follow Him alone!

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