Does the World Know Who You Belong to?

An old time preacher talked in one of his sermons about a time when he first started out as a pastor and his elderly father came to visit him and his wife in their first home.  The young preacher proudly showed his dad around his new home and asked, “Well, what do you think of our new house?”  His father thought for a minute before answering, “Son, it is a very nice house, but it is not a pastor’s house.”  When asked what he meant, the dad continued, “There is nothing here that tells me that you are any different from any of the other people in homes surround you – it just doesn’t look like a minister lives here.”  The house was well-built and nicely decorated, but it was empty of the things that naturally accompany a family dedicated to following Jesus.  It was a house and a life that looked like any of the thousands of others in the town.  There was nothing there that told anyone else that the people involved were servants of the King of Kings….and that was extremely troubling.

So go out and buy some Scripture throw pillows is the point for today – this post sponsored by Hobby Lobby – no just kidding.

We should never do anything just to make a point to others we are Christian – putting on a show is just as worthless as hiding a light under a bushel.  Our life itself by its nature should result in the fact that we are Christians being written all over everything we do and touch.  Our homes, work places and lives should be overflowing with the same living water that fills us.  That living water makes a ginormous impression on everything He touches.

Because we love Jesus and His word, there should be Bibles in our houses that are well-worn and highlighted for the purpose of understanding and not just for Pinterest pictures.  There should be media that reflects Jesus, from books to magazines to DVD’s – if we are abiding in Him our likes and interests will reflect Him.  And yes, there are often Scripture pillows, plaques and inscriptions everywhere you look – to impress the neighbors???— of course not.  Rather, because looking at them brings joy as we are looking at the very Word of God.  If our music, movies and TV shows look just like the neighbors who are still dead in their sins and trespasses, something is wrong.  This is the easy part.

Because we love Jesus, our lives and families should also reflect Him in the decisions and choices we make with our time and resources.  Are we at home on a snow day from church but willing to make our way to work in the same circumstances.  Do we move heaven and earth to attend a football game but have to work in lieu of family time?  Is homeschooling too much of a stretch financially, but a bass boat is a-ok?  No guilting intended here, just want to point out that when we choose the things of the world as a priority over the things of God it just doesn’t look like a Christian lives in our house. Joshua said choose this day and all.

Because we love Jesus, our lives should reflect Him everywhere we go regardless of the circumstances.  Jesus demands we work hard, be submissive and work joyfully regardless of how well we are treated at work.  He requires that we love the annoying office mate who makes everyone else’s job harder and help without arguing and complaining.  Though our workstation or office may display Bible verses, this is in reality how we make our offices and jobs reflect our King.  Loving and working hard for a bad boss is the Jesus Saved throw pillow of the working world. It is the Spirit of God working through us and showing in us that a Christian lives here.  When we are doing none of these things, then the answer to who lives here becomes murkier.

When we are abiding in Jesus, it is very true that the outward appearances really don’t matter to us as they are just that – appearances – and we should never do things to appear what we are not.  The thing is though, when we abide in Jesus the outward appearances are going to naturally look like Jesus.  His Spirit guarantees it – torrents of living water cannot be contained by us.  They just spill forth.  When we abide in the world, what do you think we are going to look like?

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