Faith: Seeks and Saves the Lost

The Lord Takes On Strongholds for His Lost Sheep

It is hard to imagine a darker starting point than Rahab’s in the Bible. She is a very lost woman in what seems like a hopeless situation. She is not only alienated from God as an Gentile. She is also a prostitute living in a pagan city. What’s worse, it is a fortress of the Canaanites. The walls are high and the gates are barred. It seems like Rahab cannot be saved. She is trapped and there is no way out. It all seems hopeless.

Yet, Jesus is not limited by circumstances. He is not challenged by humanly constructed walls. There is always hope with Jesus. Rahab has heard the call of the Lord somehow amid all of that evil so Jesus is going to get to her. His name means Yahweh is salvation. It is also His job – Savior.

How does He do it? Through Joshua whose name means Yahweh is salvation. They come into the middle of an enemy fortress on a mission from their people and reach this poor, lost woman. Why? Because she is ready to be saved.

Jesus sends His people – you – into strongholds of the enemy to seek and save those who are ready for His salvation. Living, active faith always seeks out Jesus’ lost sheep, even when it seems hopeless.

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