God has Great Things for You to Do. Yes, You!

You do You Following Christ

Do you sometimes feel like you have nothing to offer God?  Do you think you cannot be used to do great things for Jesus?

These are lies from Satan.  God chose you for a purpose.  He picked you for you.

It is easy to fall into the trap of comparison in the Christian life. You look at the talented people around you or on TV and judge yourself based on them. You then conclude that because you don’t have their gifts you are not as valuable to God’s work. This is completely untrue.

God chose you for you. You are valuable for God’s work.
Yes, others may be better at some things in God’s family. But only you can be you. You were chosen for a purpose only you were picked out to do.

Are you willing to serve as you and not as a copy of someone else?



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