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I recently wrote about my family’s decision not celebrate Halloween.  Why We Don’t Celebrate Halloween.  In short, we feel that the day that was once sweet and innocent has gotten really dark and weird.  Around where we live, it seems to bring out the enjoyment of all things twisted and evil in people.  Joining in, therefore, just seems yucky for us so we choose not to.

Yes, yucky is a complex theological term.

This is an issue where the Lord can direct people differently, though, so I wanted to share a different perspective from a blog that my wife follows and enjoys.  The author, Kelly Needham and her husband, Jimmy Needham turn their house into a super explicitly Jesus flavored Halloween house every year.  Their goal is to redeem the day for Jesus.

I love what they are doing.  Here is her post.


We always look a little crazy in the grocery store when we buy our candy. Usually we’ve got 2 carts stacked full of all the oversized candy we can find. Every year we get to share the Gospel with people at the store: the cashiers, the managers, those who help us bring the candy to the car, fellow shoppers who stop and say, “I’ve just gotta ask, what are you doing?” It’s so much fun to answer with: “We love being generous on Halloween because our God has been generous to us. He sent His beloved son, Jesus, to be the payment for our sins, offering us salvation for free! He is soooo good to us that we love to imitate His goodness to others. This is just one small way.”  I’m hopeful that all those Gospel seeds over the years will bear fruit one day, whether we know about it or not.

It is wonderful that it has been bearing fruit for them!

The Lord is not challenged to lead each of us individually on Christian liberty issues.  The Body of Christ may handle things in diverse ways as a result.  That is great.

We don’t always have to agree with one another where God leaves freedom of choice.

We do still have to love and support our brothers and sisters.

Jimmy Needham is also the singer of one of my favorite Christian songs.  Forgiven and loved – I can’t be remined enough!

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3 thoughts on “Halloween? A Christian Offers another Perspective – Redeem the Time
  1. I like what you said about freedom of choice. I don’t even know what to think of Halloween anymore. I read one blog and agree with it and then I read another with the opposite view and agree with that! Yep, I should just leave the subject alone I guess.

    1. Or like here, same blog with two different opinions:). It is ok to not fall one way or the other. It is not a core issue so in the end it is vital that everyone agree. God will work it out.

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