I Can Only Imagine: Christian Movie Review (Updated for Video)

I Can Only Imagine is a Great Story of Redemption

I Can Only Imagine was released digitally this week.  My wife and I liked it so much in the theaters that we eagerly watched it a second time.  This time the whole family joined in.  The Verdict?  It is as good the second time around, perhaps better.  Here is my original review for your reading with a spoilers warning.  Though we saw this just a few months ago, my wife and I again thoroughly enjoyed it.  We also picked up aspects that we missed the first time around.  Our kids ages 10 through 16 each really loved it as well.  The whole family blown away by this wonderful story of redemption through the love of Jesus told through the movie.   It is just a great movie.

The second time around, I again was struck by the authenticity of this movie.  We were again so impressed by Dennis Quiad’s performance as the rage filled dad transformed into a gentle follower of Jesus.  The actor playing Bart Millard does a wonderful job as well.  Just amazing portrayals of Jesus working miracles in the lives of broken people like you and me.

So rent it today!  You will not be disappointed.





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3 thoughts on “I Can Only Imagine: Christian Movie Review (Updated for Video)
  1. My husband and I took our grandchildren to it. Our grandson’s response was he didn’t know that there were Christian bands. Led to a long discussion about wholesome music.

    1. That is great. I had no idea there was Christian music either until hearing Matt Redman. I think it makes a difference. How did you like the movie?

      1. I loved it! I want to buy a copy for each of our children for a Christmas gift. It will be the gift that keeps on giving!

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