Podcast Episode 2 – Hallowed be Your Name

Whose Will Be Done?

In this second episode, I discuss what I think is the second most important issue in our Christian lives.

Is God Hallowed in your life? Whose will do we want done?

Going through the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6, it struck me how Jesus sets out a hierarchy for us within that prayer.

Hallowed by your name, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.

These verses are all addressing God where He should be in our lives, Lord and Master.

The question is whether we have made the decision to allow Him to have that role or whether we are still fighting against it.  This is the difference between on fire for Jesus and treading water.


Episode 2 Hallowed Be Thy Name Pastor Unlikely Podcast

Come Let Us Disciple Episode 2 Hallowed Pastor Unlikely


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