God is Love

God is Love. The Bible tells us that God is love.  John emphasizes just how important this aspect of God’s nature is in 1 John 4.  He says that if we don’t love then we don’t actually know God.  God is so defined by being love that if we have a relationship with Him, we…

Christiantinty without Love Pastor Unlikely

Christianity without Love?

Christians are Nothing Without Love Christianity without love is pointless.  It is worse than nothing, it negatively affects the world around us.  Have you ever had someone talk at you?  Not talk to you or with you, but at you.  Where it becomes evident that the person that is supposed to be conversing with you…

5 Powerful Spouse Evangelizing Tools – From an Unbelieving Husband Led to Christ

We will never bring our spouse to Christ through just talking at them. No one is ever converted through browbeating, at least, not for long. The love of Christ is not shown through constant disappointment. Faith in the Lord is not displayed through discontent and anger with one’s spouse. It is only when we are radically changed by Jesus and trust His power that others want to join us.

Peace in Relationships Pastor Unlikely

Fixing Relationships Requires Faith

braham acts decisively to make peace. He doesn’t avoid the issues or hope they go away. He takes on the ripples in the pool before they become waves to protect God’s people. This is a wonderful example in itself. But it is how Abraham resolves the tension that is so great for us to take note of. Simply put, Abraham lets go of the conflict, humbles himself and trusts God completely to fix the problem.

Sex Christian Perspective Pastor Unlikely

Sex: The Christian Perspective

God created sex. It is part of His specific design for marriage. He made it necessary for man and woman to come together for the continuation of man. More than just the utility involved, the Bible also lays out God’s vision for sexual relationships in marriage. Nothing about it is shameful or unholy. It is much more than how babies are made. It is a gift given from the Lord to man and wife to make them one in a very special and unique way. It is the way these two children of God are to create a bond of privileged intimacy for them alone. It also points to something so much greater.