Seek Holiness First

Jesus Kept His Temple Clean

When Jesus clears the Temple in the Bible, it is not just to protect the people from being defrauded.  Yes, the religious leaders had set up scams to make money off the people who came to the Temple to worship God.  They were committing sins against the very people they were supposed to lead.  This is bad.  But this evil is not what Jesus comments on when He fashions the whip. He turns over the tables and drives out the money changers for a very specific reason. Jesus says that they have turned His Father’s house into a house of trade and a den of thieves.  They have brought the evil, the profane and the ugly into a place that was supposed to be completely holy.  They stand in the way of people coming to worship God.  The disciples even quote Psalm 69 and say that it is “Zeal for His house” motivating Jesus. So Jesus is cleansing the holy place from all evil. He is clearing out His house. When we do this, we can always expect opposition.

Holiness Protects God’s People

It is from this desire to clean out God’s Temple that the good consequence flow. The people coming to the Temple are protected because the house of God is swept clean. The protection of God’s people from evil is the result of Jesus’ pursuit of holiness.

We Need to Keep Our Temples Clean

In the New Testament, both believers individually and the church are called the Temple of God.  Our lives and our churches are to be holy or set apart for Jesus.  Zeal for our Temples consumes Jesus just as much as it did when He turned over the tables in the 1st Century.
Does zeal for God’s house consume us?  Are we keeping God’s Temple clean?

Holiness Protects God’s People

If we are like Jesus and pursue holiness in our individual lives and in our churches first, above all else, the effect in the world around us will be noticeable and immediate. God’s people will be protected. Our righteousness will be noticeable and contagious. Our houses will be clean, welcoming and safe for God’s sheep. But it requires zeal for His house and a willingness to put it into action.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and the rest will be added to you, Jesus said. Are we turning over the tables and kicking out the things in our lives that are defiling God’s House?

If not, start today!  Seek first the Kingdom and His righteosness!

Holiness Pastor Unlikely

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3 thoughts on “Seek Holiness First
  1. Amen! The idea of holiness can seem so impossible. Our sins seem so big. Jesus working in us can do mighty things that we cannot do. It is by his Spirit, not our ability, so we should never be overly ashamed or lose hope. It’s our birthright and salvation at work!

    1. Yes, exactly. If we understand this and seek Holiness, even imperfectly life is just different. We shine like a star in the midst of a crooked and wicked generation.

      Did you ever check out your local Calvary Chapel?

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