The Christian Dinner Party Game

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We have a game that we play in our household that we call the Christian Dinner Party game.  It is an easy game but gets our minds working and usually results in some good discussion.

The game is simple.  You are having an imaginary dinner party and you can invite 5 Christians from anywhere in the world. They are guaranteed to come and stay for hours of conversation over a good dinner.  Who would you invite and why?

We have two categories – living people and those that have already passed on – but you can have as many as you want.

The only limitation is that Jesus cannot be one of the choices – I know that He is the best answer but no one else would matter at the dinner party – it would be Jesus and who care who else is coming, it’s Jesus.  John Chrysostom be quiet! Jesus is about to speak!

Here are mine.


  1.  Eric Metaxas – He is an author and speaker who I always enjoy seeing on TV.  He has a combination of humor, faith and intelligence that is just cool to see in prominent Christians.  His book about Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of my favorites as well.
  2. Mac Powell from the band Third Day.  Mac seems like just a solid dude, someone who is completely sure of his place with the Lord and his mission on this earth.  Plus, his music has really ministered to my family over the years helping us in our walk with the Lord.
  3. Ravi Zacharias – I don’t think I would understand half of his conversations with Eric Metaxas, but I would have fun trying to keep up.  I love his college question and answer sessions.
  4. Billy Graham – oh, the stories he would tell!
  5. Tim Hawkins – If you haven’t seen Tim, he is not only hilarious but his love for Jesus and intelligence are both obvious.  Even when I have seen some of his bits many times before they still make me belly laugh until my sides hurt.

Those already passed on:

  1.  Paul – Paul should probably be on the excluded list as who in the world would not want to sit down with Paul?
  2. Barnabas – the son of encouragement is probably fun at parties.  If I burned the bread, he would make me feel ok about it.  I need that!
  3. Daniel – So Daniel, there is not one bad thing said about you in the Bible, tell me about that.
  4. CS Lewis – He could explain what the other guys are saying to me in an easily understandable way or perhaps as an allegory.
  5. Lazarus – He is buddies with Jesus.  How cool is that?

These lists are always changing, particularly the one filled with people who passed away.  How many fascinating saints are there – Dorcas, Priscilla and Aquila, Chuck Smith, DL Moody, any of the Marys.

So what about you?  Who would you invite to your Christian Dinner Party and why?


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2 thoughts on “The Christian Dinner Party Game
  1. The Bible says to choose the down and out, the poor and forgotten; so I guess I’d choose the opposite of the Mr. Famous Name pastors, the opposite of the ancient theologians, that sort of thing. Who they are – no idea. I guess that’s what makes them fascinating company; you’d have to actually get to know them rather than have some familiarity with them through their work.

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