A Faith Like Johnny Cash – An Imperfect Man with a Perfect Savior

Johnny Cash fascinates me, which is kind of weird  I generally don’t listen to his music and I knew very little about him until recently.  So why do I find him fascinating?  Because he helps me see how flawed we are and how great Jesus is.  Simple, right?

I mentioned in another post that it was watching Bo Duke, John Schneider talk about his faith that gave me the first indicating that Johnny Cash was a professing Christian.  I had no idea.

Some of you may have known this for years, but all I remembered of him is that he wore black all the time and had drug and alcohol problems.  I saw a bit of one of the movies about him and this reinforced my limited perception of him – womanizer, alcoholic, drug abuser….Christian?

By his own admission, Johnny Cash took the hard road through his Christian walk and this appears to have taken a toll on him personally and his family.  Just watch the video he made toward the end of his life where he sings the song Hurt.  It makes me sad watching the great pain and regrets of his life displayed on his face and through his music.

The Pharisee in me wants to bang my fist in self righteous objection – how could HE possibly be a Christian after admitting to doing all this stuff?  Do you have this guy in you, the older brother from the Parable of the Prodigal Son or is it just me?

But then I realize two very important things – I have done and continue to do all this “stuff” too, there is no temptation that is not common to man and more importantly Jesus is way, way bigger than Johnny Cash’, Saul of Tarsus and my sins all together and placed on end.

Jesus said it is finished and meant just that – done, washed away for all eternity by the blood of the Son of God shed on the Cross.

So Johnny Cash could probably have made his walk easier on himself and regret is something that we need to give to Jesus to work with, but all that is between him and his Savior Jesus.  I have no place in that conversation.  Like Jesus said to Peter as he is asking about what will happen with John, you follow me (Jesus) and I will take care of John.

The very fact that Johnny Cash was still professing the name of Jesus after living a hard life does not diminish Jesus as a Savior but elevates and glorifies Him.  Jesus came to save the worst of sinners, of whom I am chief.  Each of us is imperfect in our own every day.  Thankfully we have a perfect Savior.



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