I want to stand by the way, waiting for weary travelers. To look for those who have been battered and wronged by others, who carry the burden of a wounded and disillusioned heart. To nourish and refresh them with an encouraging word and send them on their way. I may not be able to “fix” them or their problems, but I can leave them with a blessing.

This point is really subtly challenging. It really blew me away.

What if we tried to first bless people rather than only trying to fix them?  Would our lives and actions look different?


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  1. Yes, we Christians are great fixer-uppers. We want to fix ourselves and everyone else. I’m so afraid my daughters won’t be saved, I’m there with nails and a hammer. But it never works that way. They are slowly getting to know God at their own pace and in their own way. It has been the Holy Spirit all the way.

    1. Yes, we may be even correct about what people need, but until they have the love of Jesus we are just painting over the real issue. Most people understand love by being loved.

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