Are You Seeking God’s Will?

Who is in Charge of You, Christian?

You cannot expect God’s power and blessing as His servant if you are not doing His will.

Joshua is a great example for us in the Bible. He is a bold leader of God’s people. He is faithful through much hardship. He guides the Israelites into the Promise Land.  There is a pivotal moment in his life, though, recorded in the Book of Joshua. It is when he meets the Captain of the Lord’s Army and challenges him with a decidedly man focused question:

Are you for us or against us?

God’s response through the Captain is so important if we want to live a vibrant Christian life:


Joshua’s attempt to limit God according to his own preferences is brushed aside with a single word.  Joshua is not asking the right question. The Captain of the Lord’s Army is from the Lord. He serves Jesus (may even be Jesus). As a result, He is always on God’s side. God’s will is what is important not the plans of men.

God reminds Joshua of an important lesson. Life is never about defeating our enemies or accomplishing our wills. It is about following the Lord and King Jesus.  This is where we encounter the glory of God.  This is where we receive the power of God.

God gives us great gifts to do His will.  He has no obligation to do so for us to carry out our will.

Are you feeling powerless in your walk?  This may be the reason.  Who is your boss?

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Joshua 1

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