You are the Temple of God

You are Chosen to Shine

The original Temple of God in Jerusalem was an amazing sight.  It was one of the wonders of the ancient world.  More importantly, it was the place God chose to be the center of His worship on earth.  God’s glory descended on the Temple during Solomon’s dedication.
This was to show that the Temple was the place where God dwelt.
The Temple was also meant to draw all of the world, Jew, and Gentile to God.  The profound beauty of it was intended to show God’s glory to the world and call us to Him.
The original Temple was destroyed completely in 70 AD.  This was not by accident.  Do you know what replaced it?
You are the Temple of God, Christian.  You are a glorious, beautiful house that God lives in.  You are meant to call the world to the Lord and Savior, Jesus.
Isn’t that wonderful to contemplate?




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