Breaking Down the Illogic of Works – Galatians 3:15-25

Paul Destroying the Bad Theology of the Judaizers

Those who seek to imprison you in legalism often have arguments that seem logical on their face. They appeal to some area of Scripture and apply it in a specific way and it sounds good. It is often the Old Testament or some area where you have a strong attachment and exploit it to try to hook you. They want you following them alone and not Jesus. The flesh in you aids and abets the appeal.

This is what the Judaizers did with the churches of Galatia. They used the Law of Moses out of context to exploit the insecurities of the Galatians. They tried to steal them from the grip of God’s free grace and imprison these new believers in their own works.

Paul wades into this mess with passion. He does so wielding the sword, the Bible, with the precision of a surgeon. In today’s passage, he uses the Word and its true application to tear apart the false arguments of the Judaizers in defense of the Gospel.

He is like the defense attorney of the Lord revealing to a jury the guilt of these false preachers. It is wonderful to read. It also encourages you to rest in the sonship the Lord earned for you on the Cross. Don’t trade this privilege for anything!

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