Faith: Trusting When Things Don’t Make Sense

Abraham Trusts God with His Son

God’s call sometimes does not make worldly sense. You may be called to do things that don’t appear to have any possibility of success, logically. They may be terrifying or simply look impossible. You can only move forward and be obedient when these challenging jobs come if you know the nature of the One doing the calling. God never fails. God has all the power needed to tear down any obstacles. Do you know this God?

Abraham sure did know God. So much so, that when God called him to do the unthinkable, Abraham immediately complied. The sacrifice of Isaac was as good as done in Abraham’s mind. He lived this pain, loss, and mourning for 3 days. His only son sacrificed on a hill outside of what would become Jerusalem. The son of the promise was dead to Abraham.

So you know why Abraham was willing to do this? He trusted God. The New Testament tells us Abraham reasoned that God would raise that beloved son from the dead to fulfill His promises.

It is an amazing picture of what was to be fulfilled in Jesus.

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