Freedom to Rest – Galatians 3

A newspaper reporter was interviewing the then richest man in the world. He was a person who worked himself up from nothing. He then owned most of the oil production in the world. The reporter asked a simple question, “How much more do you need? How much money is enough?”

Man with unthinkable riches answered – “Just a little more”

When you live for wealth and it defines who you are, there is never enough. He would never be satisfied. He would continue working – striving – doing – “Just a bit more” – for all eternity

Never enough in a grinding search for peace

This is the truth Paul is dealing with Galatians.

Seem like it is about Mosaic Law and it is. But also so much bigger.

What you are living for? If it is anything but Jesus and Him Crucified, you will always need and be searching for “Just a bit more”.

To prove righteousness – Just a bit more.

To please people – you may be working hard but always just a bit more.

There is never rest, not really.

To please appearances – always just a bit more.

To please a culture – always changing, always need satisfy the new fad.

Only Jesus and Him crucified gets you off that hamster wheel.

We continue through the New Testament Sunday mornings with Galatians 3 – Paul’s master defense of the Gospel. He does that FOR JESUS and For you Not for Himself.

Paul wants to set you free to see how great Jesus Jesus is.

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