Jesus is Running for President – Vote for Jesus!

We are back into the silly season here in the US. That time of year or years when the candidates for President of the United States trot themselves out and tell you why in great detail with flowery smiles they will fix absolutely everything. Despite their own records and despite the fact that there are only two political parties in the US who have taken turns messing up the country, they tell you they will be different from the guy or gal before.  Even if they were actually the guy or gal before just running again, just vote again this time “they” will make everything better. Like the Israelites crying out for God to give them a King so they could have someone to fight there battles, we just need the right guy or gal and no doubt, guaranteed,  and everything ok, the disease, division, hatred, terrorism, economic troubles will be poofed away genie like…just cast your vote for politician number 1 or 2.

I used to be upset by this and think that this was a mockery of the political system that the founders of the country had in mind.  In some sense it is that, but I think there is a much more important point to the silly season, if one does not get caught up in it. Politics and hope in politicians are God’s way of demonstrating how futile hope in man is and how we all are in great need of Jesus.  Much like trying to keep the Mosaic Law of the Old Testament, the repeated realization of the abject failure and betrayal of the system and the self appointed deliverers highlights the need for a true savior, Jesus.

The world is extremely troubled by the myriad of problems that are either ongoing or are massing on the horizon.  Even the most oblivious of people can see that the problems of man are huge and getting worse.  Poverty, disease, racism, terrorism, hate of all kinds, it is enough to make even the most callous heart tremble when thinking about the world being made for their kids or grandkids.  It seems like we are all walking a tightrope through history with all that is needed is a slight nudge for the next global war or global pandemic to occur.  People all over the world are crying out for change, Brexit  for example anyone, and many are coming to the realization that asking the party that was previously in power to fix things that they helped create of they will be replaced by the party currently in power is a fool’s errand.  Those further along the questioning road also are beginning to understand at some level that man’s government is simply incapable of even grasping the immensity of the issues facing the world, much less fixing them. The insistent nagging doubt that things are not well is present across America and across the World.  Someone just needs to fix things and to protect them from the storm to come!

Regardless of one’s political affiliation, looking at the field of candidates out there, is there really any logical hope that any of them can actually fix things? Putting aside one’s illogical hope based upon party affiliation, is there any possibility that one man or woman or party or even one country could turn things around in a world so big and so far gone down the road back to the times of Noah.  Seems like we are along for the ride to being toast, right?

I submit that this sense of futility is not by accident.  It is like a giant blinking road sign attempting to point hope away from man and his politics to God and His Deliverer, Jesus.

There is only one who can provide the hope and change that people are longing for in their deepest soul and who can provide the protection from the coming physical and spiritual storm – Jesus! His power is not won or lost or bargained away to keep his caucus happy.  Jesus is Lord whether people agree with Him or not.

I believe that in the times that we live in, the weakness, corruption and  general ineptitude of the worldly powers in ruling during these times is allowed to proceed brazenly unpunished by God to provide a sharp contrast in order to open people eyes to the one whose leadership we all truly need.  Man’s leadership leads to millionaires in Congress and lobbyists, God’s leadership leads to Jesus and eternal peace.

Going back to the last election, Barak Obama won and has been disappointing to just about everyone if just about everyone were honest.  Things have not gotten better as clamored for and if you look around all of the problems that were present at the end of the last president’s term are all still present, many of them worse.  Before being accused of being partisan, Mitt Romney lost and had a different platform, but really do you think things would have been much different?   The deck chairs may have been rearranged on the Titanic, but the ship would still be headed towards the bottom.  No man alone is going to change the path that the world is hurtling down and get things back to the idealized days of old.  The only option is to stop the world and get off.

A vote for Jesus gives one the freedom to do just that.  Vote for Jesus and I guarantee things will get better every single day, from now through eternity.

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