Jesus: Our Confidence and Sufficiency – Matthew 26:31-46

Trust in God or Yourself

Jesus does not go alone into the Garden of Gethsemane.  He has just finished a great meal of fellowship with His closest friends, the disciples.  He just gave them the information on the New Covenant.  They all march from the Upper Room into the Garden, the Olive Press, to face great temptation,

Yet, only Jesus does not fail.

Adam faced temptation in the 1st Garden as the 1st Adam.  He fails miserably.

The disciples face temptation as men in a newer garden but they do the same.  They choose their own flesh over following God.

It is only Jesus who faces down the worst Satan can throw at Him and emerges victorious.

We can learn much from the failure of the men and the victory of Jesus.

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