Sunday Morning Church – Jesus Comes First

Count the Cost of Discipleship

Matthew 8:18-22 – Jesus is not being cruel to the three men who he interacts with in today’s passage. If we look at this interaction with the wrong heart is can seem otherwise. But following Jesus is not easy. It can be one of the most difficult things in the world to do. Jesus Himself lived a life that was free of creature comforts. He was separated from His family. He died for us. He then calls us to live a similar life. To take up our cross and follow Him. The cross is an instrument of execution.

The reason why following Jesus makes perfect sense in this context is He is the King of Kings. He is God who loves us and will take care of us, including answering each of the questions the men raise in this passage. Jesus is worthy of every moment of our lives. He wants us to see this and not waste our time following Him out of any other motivation.

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