The Risen Jesus Changes Everything – Easter Message and Worship

He is Risen Indeed!

Easter Sunday 2,000 years ago was the most important day in history.  It was the turning point for mankind.  God sent Jesus as a tiny defenseless baby to His rebellious creations.  He did so solely out of love and mercy.  God then laid down that same Jesus as a sacrifice on the Cross on Good Friday so that your sin can be forgiven.  Jesus took the punishment you deserve that day.  He died so that you don’t have to….Jesus took your place.  Then on Sunday, that man who was dead shows up in the midst of His people bringing peace along with Him.   Jesus is alive!

How to Know God

This is what Jesus offers each of us today.  We get ourselves lost in darkness and fear.  Jesus brings peace and power.

Is Your Gospel Worth Dying for?

I pray you have a blessed and wonderful Easter!

God Loves You

Your Invitation to Dangerous Discipleship

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