Love Leads to the Cross – Good Friday from John 18:1-10

God Died for Love

The humanity of Jesus is wonderful to contemplate.  The Gospels show Jesus is fully man.  He experiences all the things you do in everyday life without sinning.  He knows exactly what you go through…and loves you anyway.  What an awesome thing!

You can also easily lose sight of the fact Jesus is also fully God.  He has all of the powers and identity as the Father and the Holy Spirit.  He sits on the Throne of Heaven and Earth.  He knows all things.

He chose to die for us knowing exactly what would occur.  Jesus was never trapped. He was not a victim of circumstance.  He was never powerless.  wp2475197

Jesus stepped forward as God willingly and died for you simply because He loves you.

This is the heart of Good Friday.  Jesus’ perfect love for you led to Calvary.

Oh, what a wonderful Savior!

Join us as we celebrate Good Friday with worship and a message from John 18.

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