Sunday Morning Church: Are You Filled with Worry?

Do Not Worry

Matthew 6:25-34 – Do Not Worry Says Jesus. Why? How can we not worry with all of the problems life throws at us?

By Focusing on God.

His Power, love and glory show us that worry is a waste of time. If we believe what God says, there is nothing to worry over.

Intellectually, it makes sense.  Getting there is the challenge.




Worry Sermon Pastor Unlikely

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Church: Are You Filled with Worry?
  1. I like where you’re headed with this, and I’m looking forward to hearing the remainder of the message (7min.). But I’m worried that time won’t allow it (tongue in cheek☺). I recall feeling guilt over my worry, even when it was right and proper. And so I began playing around with the lexical semantics, hoping to discern the applicable exegesis for the bible’s adminitions against worry. In one of my messages I made the distinction that worry was one thing. But healthy concern was another. e.g. The space heater could get knocked over if it’s on the floor in the toddler’s room. Yet there’s great peace that comes with trusting our Soveriegn God. Blessings.

    1. Yes, there is definitely healthy planning and concern with things. I agree with you. It is when the concern causes us to take the wheel or doubt God’s plan or provision for us. Even your space heater example can turn into worry if we take it too far. Such an interesting thing that God calls us to work for Him and take an active part while also being in control of all things.
      God bless you brother!

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