Sunday Sermon Matthew 10:1-4 – Transformed for Ministry

We are Saved to Serve

There comes a time in the life of every believer when a transition takes place.  We are saved out of a life that does not please God into Jesus.  We then take the role of disciple, a word that means student or learner.  This is the role God gives us initially because we have so much to learn from Jesus.  We will always be disciples and continue to learn from Him and be molded by Him until we meet Him face to face.

But much like the original 12 Apostles chosen in this passage, we are also called to make a transition in our Christian lives from  learner to servant.  The word for apostle means one who is sent with a message or ambassador.  It is used to apply to the original 12 in their specific position as the Apostles, foundation of the church.  It also applies to us as ones who are sent with the greatest message in history.  We are called to actively work for Jesus as His messenger.  It is a wonderful privilege and comes with great reward.

Have we made this transition?


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