Thought for the Day: Our Conscience Testifies to Our Creator

Even when C.S. Lewis was condemning God for the state of the world he was testifying to God’s existence.  If we are just accidents then it shouldn’t matter what is unjust.  If we are just like the animals, it would not matter what is good or evil?  How would we even define those ideas?

The very presence of something in us that demands a judgment of right or wrong speaks to our existence being different than that of the animals.

Even the most intelligent creatures do not have consciences.  A lion doesn’t feel bad when taking down a wounded gazelle.  Death is just lunch to them.  A monkey doesn’t fret when killing a rival for leadership of its group.  It is just access to the best food and the most mates.  They just do it because that is their instinct.

We don’t judge them for it because they are animals.  It is just what they were made to do.

Yet, we all know that killing is wrong.  Killing the wounded, even in warfare is universally condemned.  We are not animals.  We just don’t do that.

It points to the fact that we are different.  We are made in the image of something greater than the animals.

We may not be at the place where we understand God.  We may even be desperately trying to figure out the question of suffering – if God exists then why is this happening?  But realize that just asking the question provides evidence that God exists.

You will never find a dog pondering the ethical implications of chasing its tail.

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