The Beatitudes – Our Attitudes for Life

Matthew 5:13 – You are the Salt of the Earth

The Sermon on the Mount continues with Matthew 5:13 – You are the Salt of the Earth

(Note – We had technical problems so the video feed cuts out at 33 minutes in.  The audio continues until the end so you can hear the whole sermon.  Some of fun issues of Church planting life:)

You are the salt of the earth.  Not anyone else – You.  Jesus has chosen each of us to bring flavor to this world.  Back when Jesus was speaking these words, the disciples would have had more first hand knowledge of His meaning.  Salt was extremely valuable. It was the only preservative against the rot and decay that would attack foods.  It was the only antiseptic that was available to cleanse things.  It was the unmistakable spice available  to regular people.

This is a picture of the role of each believe.  We are presently the only preservative fighting against the world’s decay.  We are the only antiseptic fighting infection.  We are the only spice available.  Do we understand how valuable we are?

Then, do we understand that God gives us a choice how salty we want to be?  Do we want the things of the world more than we want the things of God?


My brothers and sisters, are we salty?


Salt of the Earth Pastor Unlikely

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